Good News

God’s Love

The good news is that God loves every person, including you! Jesus came to live among us so we might know God’s love for us.

As we study the life and teachings of Jesus, we learn not only of God’s love for us but also how we are to love one another.

Why does God love Me?

God's loveBecause He Created You

Many people feel that God can’t or won’t love them because of their past actions or attitudes. The truth is Jesus sought out people who thought that they weren’t good enough for God. Jesus gave them and gives us the opportunity to experience forgiveness for all our sins.

God created each person as whole, valuable, and loved. Through Jesus, we can be restored to that wholeness, understand our value in God’s eyes, and experience God’s love.

Becoming a Disciple

Oak Grove Church of Little Elm’s working definition of a disciple is an ordinary person who loves Jesus and, in Christ-likeness, loves and serves others, witnessing to the love of God in Christ. We grow in discipleship through study, prayer, service, sharing, and spending time with other disciples.